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  • Weekly or daily reporting, as required
  • Testing from multiple time zones (Europe, Latam, Asia and Australia)
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Fair-Gaming consultants have been testing and certifying all types of games on a wide range of online gaming platforms for over a decade. We offer a full suite of testing services for online casino and social gaming platforms, including Certification, Quality Assurance and Security Testing.

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Customers who protected under our certificate.

License Holders who licenced by FGA.

Years of experience of our specialists.

Acceptable and Verifications you can use it worldwide.

RNG Testing & RTP/RNG output audits.

RTP audits of real money casino games ( applicable to all single player games ) and RNG audits of real money casino games ( applicable to multiplayer card, dice, ball games, virtual, casino, forex platforms ).

Gaming Regulatory Services & Technical Due Diligence.

We do consultations, maths evalueations, load and stress testing, assistance with legislation, anti-money laundering controls, technical and operational analyses and fraud protection.

Casino & Multiplayer Games Testing

Casino Games ( Slots, Skill, Video Poker, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, Dice etc. ) Multiplayer Games - Poker, Backgammon and Bingo games. Financial Markets Games and Platforms. Mobile games. Multi-lingual evaluations.

Platform Testing

We check and verify the processing of : Player registration and account, privacy policy, player protection, network and communication, security - application, network and host level, casino, poker and base platforms.


To give approval we need to verify over 100+ key points with the following being the basics:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit an application to use the “Gaming Fair Certified” mark if my product was approved ?

Yes. The “Fair Gaming Certified” brand is a registered trademark of Fair-Gaming.com and therefore has the exclusive right of use under the U.S. and international laws governing the use of trademarks. Fair-Gaming intends to protect your interests, reputation and commitment to quality testing, inspection and certification services and will seek legal action if necessary. As an accredited ISO Certification Body, Fair-Gaming is audited by an independent accreditation body and is required to keep up-to-date records of all users of the brand and how the brand is being used. The online application can be found on the website www.fair-gaming.com.

Is there a fee to use the “Fair Gaming Certified” ?

Yes, there is a $ 500 one time Fee to evaluate each of your projects and an additional $ 3,000 Fee per year to list the license on your page and support you in using it. We make evaluations and checks on a monthly basis as well as we can contact you directly for any problem - request for disputes from customers or partners against you.

Can I use my company logo in conjunction with the “Fair Gaming Certified” mark?

Yes of course you can use plus the verification link of your license in Fair-Gaming Authority Platform.

Does Fair Gaming confirm use of the Mark?

Yes. Fair Gaming conducts routine surveillance of all organizations who have applied for the mark, whether they were granted final approval or not. Surveillance activities can be conducted on the internet to confirm proper use of the mark on websites or during tradeshows to ensure printed material using the mark is authorized. If any type of improper use is identified, the mark user is then contacted and will have an opportunity to correct the issue identified. Fair Gaming also performs periodic surveillance to identify companies using the mark who did not apply for use. In these cases, the individual/company is contacted and given the opportunity to properly apply for the mark. If they choose not to do so, any and all Fair Gaming marks or logos being displayed must be removed until such time that an application is submitted and subsequently approved for use by the Product Certification Decisions Committee.

Is there a process to use the “Fair Gaming Certified” mark?

Yes. The process varies depending on whether the user intends to display the mark on a webpage or on printed media. For use on a webpage: The applicant must specify the web address of any and all websites where the mark will be placed. (The owner of the product may also choose to have their company logo placed on the Certificate of Integrity.) Once FGA receives the application, and all the necessary information is provided, it is submitted to the Product Certification Decisions Committee (PCDC) for their review. If the PCDC grants approval to the applicant to use the mark on the website(s) provided, the mark is issued with a site seal (link) which must be embedded in the mark when used on websites. For use on printed media: The applicant must specify the type of printed media on the application (i.e. brochure, flyer, etc). Once FGA receives the application, the applicant is contacted to provide samples of all printed media showing where/how the mark will be displayed. Once FGA receives the sample materials, they are submitted to the Product Certification Decisions Committee for review. If a positive determination is made, approval is granted. (Please note when the mark is implemented on any printed material, the mark must be displayed to correspond with the specific product which was listed on the application for use of the mark and may not be changed without FGA’s review and approval.)

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Fair-Gaming is an international team of specialists where they work for over 20+ years in leading software companies in important positions and evaluate every application that is made to meet the requirements of our organization to become a member and get license from Fair Gaming Authority.

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